Property Sphere


Property Sphere specializes in:

Registered commercial valuations: These include industrial, retail and office properties for purchase, sale, revaluation or mortgage purposes. 

Rent reviews: We are experts in determining market rentals for properties when they come up for review.  This is helpful for arbitrations to settle disputes between parties.

Insurance valuations: For when you need an exact valuation for your insurer.

Discounted Cashflow modelling: You need this when you are assessing sensitivity to variables affecting a property for purposes such as a potential purchase.

Sensitivity risk analysis. We use Monte Carlo simulation techniques to assess the probability of likely outcomes affecting property when variables alter. This analysis not only tests the sensitivity of variables, but generates probabilities which are useful for clients making decisions.

Acquisition and disposal Consulting.

Portfolio modelling for corporations. This allows companies to assess the impact of a building within their portfolio to minimise risk and maximise returns.

DYNA Cashflow modelling. This specialised industry Cashflow model is tailored for portfolio Cashflow consolidation and used for producing statements in annual reports.

Our Service Philosophy

Property sphere believes that the best way to serve you is through learning about you. We strive to develop relationships with our clients so that we know exactly what your needs are and how we can best meet those needs.

Property Sphere believes in quality; quality of service and a high standard of valuation given by an accomplished professional. We do not overbook clients, and give you the time and answers that you need before making critical real estate decisions.


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